1. Car Rental Basics

Learn the basics about the rental process for your vehicles.

2. Car Rental Charges

Learn all about fees, extra addons, taxes and currencies.

3. Car Rental Advanced

Explore useful features to improve your experience and rental process.

4. Fleet Management

Import, Modify and set-up everything you need to keep track of your fleet.

5. Website Integration

Documentation on how to install, setup and customize and use your website rental plugin.

6. System Basics

Learn how to and customize and improve your rental system.

7. Settings

Configure every technical aspect of your Software and enable all of it’s features.

8. Contacts

Manage your customers and their information.

9. Dashboards

Learn where to find and get useful insights for your business.

10. Forms & Builders

Create, manage and export your own fines.

11. Rental Agreement

See how you can customize and use every feature of your rental agreement module.

12-15. Integrations

Configure Your payment platforms, accounting, Social Media, Email and Tolls Integrations

16. Billing

Configure your billing options for your HQ Software License(s).

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