1.14 Rate Types

This article is a step by step breakdown on how to set up Rate Types. This feature will allow you to have a variety of secondary set of rates for a specific group of clients.

When can I use Rate Types?

When you have a group of customers that you would like to offer special rates to. These rates can differ from your regular rate structure for some or all vehicle classes.

How can I setup Rate Types?

First, navigate to Settings > Car Rental Settings > Rates, then click on the hamburger button displayed in the upper right-hand corner and click on “Rate Types”, as shown in the image below.

Note: You can create as many as needed. Once you have clicked on this button, it will take you to the Rate Types page, as shown in the image below.

Now, you must create your rate type, by clicking on the “Add Rate Type” button located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. A modal will appear requesting the following information:

  • Name – Enter here the rate type name.
  • Default? – When set to “Yes” the rate type will be applied by default in the reservations created internally. When set to “No” it will not be the default rate and you can select the rate type that applies when creating the reservation internally.
  • Default for Public Reservations – When set to “Yes” the rate type will be the default rate in the reservations created from your website. When set to “No” the regular rate will display for your website bookings.
  • Active? – Set to “Yes”, if the rate type is going to be active for use.

Now that you have created your new rate type, it will be displayed like this in the Rate Types table.

Once the new rate type has been created, navigate back to the “Rates” table, and create a rate or a set of rates that will be under this rate type. For more information on how to add rates, please go to this article.

For this example, we have created a rate for our strategic partnership with the Army where we will be offering them our economic Automatic Class for $25 a day, instead of our regular $35. See more in the images below.

Remember to fill all the fields, and select the Rate type it will apply to this case. Then scroll down to the end of the page and click on the blue “Save” button to keep the changes made. See the image below.

Now, you will able to see your new rate or set of rates, by clicking on the tab under that name,  as shown in the image below.

In the image below, you will find your two sets of rates for the same class and season, your secondary rate or set of rates for our Army clients, and the one for our regular customers.

Where I can select the rate type if they are not set as the default rate?

In this case, the rate type was not set to be the default for internal bookings. When creating a reservation internally the new rate type can be selected in step 2 of the reservation process. While selecting the vehicle class, you will find on the far right of the screen the rate type dropdown. There you must select the rate type that should apply for this client specifically.

The image below shows your vehicle class without selecting the new rate type.

Once you have selected your rate type, the page will be refreshed with the rate type per vehicle class that it applies to. In this case, you will only see the Economic Automatic Class with the new price.

After the rate type has been selected, you can continue your reservation process.

How can I delete or deactivate the Rate Type?

Deactivate a rate type

To deactivate the rate type, you must go to the rate types table, click on the rate you want to deactivate, then set to “No” in the “Active” field as shown in the images below.

Once you have set the “Active” field to “No”, click on the blue “Save” button as shown in the image below.

Delete a rate type

To delete the rate type, you must go to the rate types table, click on the rate you want to delete, click on the red “Delete” button highlighted in black, and then click on “Ok” in the confirmation box your browser will display to proceed, as shown in the images below.

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