12.13 Redsys Integration

This article is a step by step breakdown on how Integrate Redsys with your HQ system for your company payments.

Step 1

You will need to contact a financial institution of your choice to contract the Redsys “TPV Virtual” service. You can find the list of their current members in their About Us page.

List of Financial Institutions partenered with Redsys

Be sure to make the request to have the Payment per Reference option enabled, and if you expect customers from abroad, please contact our support team using the “?” icon on the upper right-hand corner of your HQ account, and request more information about this setup.

Step 2

Redsys Customer Support will contact you via email and send you the credentials for your TEST environment. Follow the instructions on the attachments to log into your testing account and take note of the “Número de Comercio” (Merchant Code), “Número de Terminal”( Terminal), and the “Clave Secreta de encriptación” (Key) as you will need to enter them into your HQ system.


Step 3

Navigate to Settings → Payment Gateways → Gateways, then click the “Add Gateway” button. That will display a drop-down menu with multiple gateway options. You will find Redsys in the Europe section as shown below.Redsys in HQ Payment Gateway


Step 4

Fill in all the details for the connection: label, the supported currencies, and the Key, Merchant Code and Terminal that was obtained in Step 2.

If you are testing the payment gateway, then make sure the radio box for Test Mode is set to Yes. Once you are done, click on the blue “Save” button on the bottom of the page.

Step 5

Follow the testing instructions provided by Redsys, and once you verify the connection is properly established please send them an email with the request to move on to the LIVE environment. They will send you both the URL to the admin panel and your credentials. Then use these to log in to your panel and get the new Key for the Live environment. This procedure may vary for some banks, so please ask Redsys Customer Support if you have issues finding it.

Redsys Customer Support contact info

Step 6

Go back into Settings → Payment Gateways → Gateways and replace both the Key and the Merchant Code within HQ with the new values obtained in Step 5 and make sure to also disable the Test Mode in this step. Then click “Save”.

Step 7

Now you can set up multiple currencies. If your company doesn’t support multiple currencies, please skip to Step 8.

Click on the payment gateway you have just created. Next, navigate to the method tab, highlighted in orange in the picture below.

Methods tab in HQ Payment GatewaysYou will need to create a Method for every currency that you support. First, click the Add button on the top right corner of the page above. Then a new window will appear, where you can select the corresponding payment method and then click the “Save” button highlighted below.

Payment Method pop-up

Finally, a new row will appear in the Method list. There, you can click on the Currency drop-down and select another currency. Once you’re finished, be sure to click “Save”.


Step 8

To complete the setup, you need to select Redsys as a supported payment method for your branch. In this case, we’ll configure it for our Rentals branch. Go into Settings → Car Rental → Online Charges, and scroll down into the Branch Settings section. Select the corresponding tab to your branch and you will find the Supported Payment Gateway field, where you can add the newly configured Redsys gateway.

Branch Settings

For more information about Payment Gateways, click here.

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