2.16 How To Setup Fees For Young Drivers And Old Drivers Using Age Limits

This article is a step by step breakdown on how to set up the driver age limit. This feature will allow you to charge extra for drivers that are in the younger or older age driver categories.

Step 1

You must create the additional charge(s) for the fee. For more information on how-to, please head to this article.

To prevent the charge from appearing on the reservation process as a selectable option you can enable the “Hide from the Reservations” option in the Default settings section of the additional charge. Next, scroll down and click on the blue “Save” button to apply the changes.

Step 2

Navigate to Settings > Car Rental > Car Rental Settings> Driver Settings. In this section, you will find the fields that you can use to set up this fee.

Youngest/Oldest Age Driver -This is the max limit allowed in your system for both young and old drivers.

Young/Old Driver Age limit – This is the regular limit allowed in your system for both young and old drivers.

Additional Charge for Young/Old Drivers – In these fields, you must select the additional charge(s) created in the previous step.

NOTE: The age interval between Youngest/Oldest Age Driver and the Young/Old Driver Age limit, is the interval the system will use to automatically apply the charge. For example, in the image above the youngest age driver limit is 21 years old, and the young driver limit is 25 years old, so the system will charge automatically every person between the age of 21 and 25 years old with the Young Drive Fee. The same thing applies to the old driver setup.

Once the configuration has been completed, the charge will be displayed in the summary of the reservation like any other additional charge as shown in the image below.

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