8.4 How to Set Up Customer Credits

Customer Credits is a feature that lets you create a deductible account for your customers. This feature enables you to settle and or deduct your customers’ outstanding balances and on future bookings, by using their credit balance that can be paid in advanced. This is tracked inside their contact information. Below you will find the step-by-step process of enabling this feature.

Enable Customer Credits

First, you need to set Enable Customer Credits to “Yes”. To do so, you can navigate Settings > Car Rental > Enable Customer Credits? > Yes

Make sure you scroll down and click “Save.”

After this setting is enabled, a new column will be seen in the Main Menu > under Contacts > Customers

Highlighted inside the orange rectangle below is the new column called “Credit Balance”. It will display any credit balance that the customer has.


Adding Credit Balance

Click the name of the customer you want to add credit for.

After that, click on the Credits tab

From this tab, you will see if there is any Available Credit from the top right corner of the screen. You can click New Credit to add credit for that particular customer.

Once you click New Credit, it will pop up a new window with fields that you need to fill out as follows:


The date when the payment is made.


The value of the payment.


You can add a personal note about this payment.


After that, click Save to complete the input.


Set the Payment Method for Client Credits

First, you need to add a new payment method for this feature. You can add it from Settings > Car Rental

Click the Forms tab

In the Forms tab, click Payment Form

In the Payment Forms, click the gear icon indicating the settings for the Payment Type.

A window will pop up and the only thing that you will do is to add a new line below Cash and type Customer Credit and click Save.

After that go back to Settings > Car Rental

You should see an option below Enable Customer Credits that says Payment Methods for Client Credits with a field below it. When you click the field, select the payment method you just created which is the Customer Credit.

It should be set as shown below

Then click Save

You can now start using the Customer Credit to add a Payment when settling the remaining balance for the Customer or creating a new booking as shown below

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