3.38 After Sale Emails

This article will show you how to setup After Sale Email that can automatically be sent after X hours to the customer.

First, navigate to Settings > Car Rental > Emails > Other

From this tab you can set up the After Sale Emails. Once the vehicle is returned, the system will automatically send an email to the customer’s registered email address in the system.

Send After Sale Emails After Hours – This is the number of hours past after the vehicle was returned then the system will send the email

Don’t Send After Sale Email if the Reservation has Outstanding Balance – If set to Yes, the system will not send the email when an outstanding balance is not paid

Email CC for After Sale Emails – You can enter an email address to send a copy.


Once finished setting this up, scroll down the Email Settings section, where you can customize the After Sale – Email Subject and Email Text

Lastly, enable the After Sale email at the bottom of the page under the Delivery Settings.

Click Save to apply the changes.

You can check if the email was successfully sent. Read more about Emails Sent.

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