1.10 Calendar

This page is an overview of all your reservations in the form of a calendar. We break the calendar down into the different vehicle classes and then by the vehicles themselves for an easier view.

Where can I find this page?

This page is located under the Car Rental category, highlighted in dark blue in the picture below.


You can toggle the calendar to show the time period of one day, one week, 14 days or one month. You can find the buttons on the top right of the page, highlighted in orange, in the picture below.


How to filter the vehicles classes?

You can filter the calendar to show specific vehicle classes with these steps.

  • Firstly, click on the filter icon on the top right of the page, highlighted in orange in the picture below.






  • Next, choose the vehicle class from the dropdown list labeled vehicle class.
  • Lastly, click the blue “Apply Filter” button.

How to create a new reservation from the calendar?

You can create a new specific vehicle reservation from the calendar, just click and drag your desired dates in the line of your desired vehicle.


The example above, highlighted in orange, will create a new reservation for the vehicle Ford Fiesta – 221 for the dates of 14th of February to the 18th of February. It will automatically redirect you to step 3 (Extras) of the reservation process and use your company’s default time for pickup and return.

How to search for a vehicle in the calendar?

You can search for a specific vehicle in the calendar by typing words or numbers related to that vehicle in particular in the search cell on the top row of the calendar that shows highlighted in orange in the image below.

In the following example, we have entered the name of the vehicle make, but the plate number, vehicle key or vehicle model may also be used. All the vehicles with that word or number will show under their own respective vehicle class as shown in the image below. 

To learn how to make a new reservation from step 1, click here.

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