1.3 How to Cancel a Reservation?

This article is a step by step breakdown on how to cancel a reservation. Please note that if you made any contract modifications, then you will need to remove them in order to delete a reservation. The system will not let you cancel a reservation if there is a contract modification. To learn how more about contract modifications, click on this link here.

Canceling a reservation

To cancel a reservation, the status of the booking has to be “Open.” Therefore, depending on the current status of the reservation, there would be different steps to get there.

Open Status

If the reservation is already on “Open” status, navigate to Step 6 (Payments). Here, click on the white “Cancel Reservation” button as shown in the picture below highlighted in orange.

After you have clicked on that button, a new window will appear, here, select the cancellation date, fill the Cancellation Reason if necessary, and click on the blue “Cancel Reservation” button.

Pending Reserved Status

If the reservation is “Pending Reserved” go to Step 6 – Payments, and click the “Change to Open” button shown below and then proceed with the Open instructions.

Rental Status

If the reservation is on “Rental,” navigate to Step 8 (Agreement) and note that if there are any contract modifications, you will need to remove them in order to cancel or delete a reservation.

Once you verify there are no Contract Modifications, you can navigate to Step 7 and click the Cancel Pickup button under the Damage Report section. Then you can proceed with the Open Status instructions.

By clicking on the “Cancel Pick Up button,” you will be at Step 5 (Confirm) with the “Open” status.

Completed Reservation

Firstly, click on the “Re-open Reservation” button on Step 9, highlighted in orange in the picture below.

Cancel ReservationThe status of the reservation is now “Rental” and that you are currently in Step 8 (Contract).

Click on the blue “left arrow” button, highlighted in orange in the picture below to head back to Step 7 (Pickup).

Then you can follow the instructions in the Rental status section to change it to Open, and then proceed to Cancel.

To learn how to create a new reservation, click on this link here. To learn more about the different type of reservation statuses, click on this link here. For more information on how to delete a reservation, follow this link here.

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