2.4 How to set up Cancellation Fees?

This article is a step by step breakdown on how to set up no-show and cancellation fees in the system. To learn how to cancel a reservation, follow this link here.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings > Car Rental > Charges&Fees, Cancellation & No Show Fees section as shown in the picture below.

Cancellation Fees

Step 2

Set the number of hours to trigger the no-show under “No Show Interval in Hours”. Next, change the amount you would like to charge your customer for Cancellation and No Show Fee for each. There are 3 types of fee type, Fixed, Per Day, and Percentage of the Reservation as shown in the picture below.


Now when you cancel a reservation, the system will automatically change the outstanding balance to that of the amount that you set in the respective field as shown here in the picture below highlighted in orange. You will also notice that the status of the reservation is now showing Cancelled. 

To register a payment collected for the cancellation fee, navigate back to Step 6, and follow this tutorial here. Once payment is made for the cancellation fee, the status of the reservation will be changed to Cancelled Paid as shown in the picture below, highlighted in orange.

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