11.4 Digital Signature

The system provides you a way to get a digital signature from a customer during the reservation process. There are two tabs in the Settings regarding Signatures as shown below. You can head over to Settings > Car Rental > Signature or Signature Pages tab


You will see all the related Signature settings here, you have two sections such as Settings and Display Settings


There are many settings available to customize the digital signature according to your needs, such as:

  • Enable the digital signature and initials on the following steps: confirmation (5), pickup (7), and contract (8)
  • Make digital signature/initials mandatory on confirmation step for public website bookings
  • Enable signature with TOPAZ device – for more information on this please go to  this article
  • Enable signature capture with OpenEdge Credit Card Reader – for more information on this please go to  this article

You may contact our support via chat or create a support ticket regarding the integration of your signature pads.

Display Settings

Enable Signature and Digital Signature for Initials on Confirmation Step, displays the yellow signature boxes where the customer can sign in Step 5 Confirmation Step as shown in the image below

The terms and conditions for shown in the image can be added in Settings > under Fleets > Branches > under Text Settings section as shown below

In the Display Settings, you can also Enable Signature and Digital Signature for Initials on Pickup and Contract Step. This will display the Signature button in Step 7 Pickup and Step 8 Contract.

Signature Pages

This is where you can create all the signature pages which the customer needs to sign in order to proceed to the reservation process.

Adding a signature

Click on the Add Signature Page button located at the upper right corner of the screen to create a page.

When you add signatures here, the system will go through as many pages of signatures as you add. Click on the “Add Signature” button in the upper right-hand corner of the application, and a window will appear requesting details. For each signature you add you can customize the following:

  • Code – use this to create a variable in the system that represents this signature, for example: If “A” is used, then on the rental agreement as well as emails, you will have the variable ${digital_signature_for_code_A} available to use.
  • Title – use this to title the signature to display on the Topaz signature device.
  • Terms and conditions – add here terms & conditions that apply to display on the Topaz signature device.
  • Signature subtitle – Use this to add a subtitle for the signature to display on the Topaz signature device.
  • Signature type – Use this to specify if it will be a full signature or initials.
  • Required charges – Select the charges that are required if applicable.
  • Non-required charges – Select the charges that are not required if applicable.

Once you have added the information on the fields above, press save. You will see the multiple signatures on the step you have enabled signature request as shown below.

Signatures button

First signature sample

Second signature sample

Third signature sample

Note: Multiple signatures are supported by our web app and all devices integrated with the possibility to capture signatures such as: TOPAZ signature pads and OpenEdge Ingenico device ISC Touch 250/480. For information on how to purchase these, please contact our support team. However, it is not possible to capture multiple signatures from our mobile app at the moment.

When signed, the signatures will appear on the rental agreement where you placed the variable of these signatures in the rental agreement.

Set Up Your Signatures On Your Rental Agreement

Navigate to settings > car rental > rental agreement. There head to the section where you wish to place each signature, or add a new section for it.

Variables to use in Rental Agreement

This is the main variable you can use to display the signature in the agreement


So “X” in the variable stands for the code you entered while doing the Signature Pages. In the example above, we created pages using codes A, B and C. In order for you to display the signature of the signature page A, you will use the variable  {digital_signature_for_code_A).


Now, signatures will not only be saved, but also displayed on the rental agreement.

To learn more about Rental Agreements, click on this link here.

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