3.14 How to Disable Step 3 of the Reservation Process?

This article is a step by step breakdown on how to disable step 3 (Extras) of the reservation process. You can do this if you do not want to have that additional step for your company. To learn more about the reservation process, click on this link here.

Step 1

Firstly, navigate to Settings > Car Rental highlighted in dark blue in the picture below.


Step 2

Here, select “Yes” under “Disable Reservation Process Third Step” highlighted in orange in the picture below.

disable step 3


Step 3

Lastly, click on the blue “Save” button located at the bottom of the page highlighted in orange in the picture below.


Now when you reach Step 3, it would be the Customer Step which was on Step 4 rather than the Extras as shown in the pictures below.


The picture above shows Step 3 as extra and the picture below shows Step 3 as Customer after you have disabled the step.

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