10.7 Enable Comment Section On A Form

This article will show you how to enable the comment section on a form.

First, navigate to Settings from the dashboard.

Click on Forms.

Click on the form that you would like to enable the comment section on. For this example, Fines.

Then on the Edit tab of the Form, you will see an option “Enable Comments” set it to Yes and click Save.

After saving, click on “Go Back” to access the Dashboard homepage.

From the Dashboard homepage, click on the form you enabled comments on. For this example, Fines.

Then click on an existing item in the particular form to see the Comments section.

You will now see a new section on the right side of the screen – “Comments”. You can now add a particular comment by typing in the box and clicking Save Comment after your input.

You can now start adding comments for a particular article on Forms.

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