3.42 Google Analytics And Tracking Conversions

This article will show how you can track conversions via Google Analytics. For this feature to work properly, make sure that you are entering the correct tags in the right place. You can find the fields where to enter the tags under Online Bookings section in Branches.

First, navigate to Settings > under Fleets > Branches > select the Branch > Online Bookings

Under the Online Bookings section, there are fields where you can copy and paste the tags from Google Analytics

Custom CSS & Meta Tags – Each tracking platform requires custom assets that need to be embedded in the head tag of the website, you can add HTML code here. Note: You can add google analytics code, custom CSS or custom meta tags, or custom scripts.

Custom HTML After Body Tag in Public Reservations – Tracking platforms require you to add some code after the opening of the body tag and Google Analytics code can be placed here.

Custom HTML Before Body Close Tag – Tracking platforms require you to add codes before the close of the body tag, and that code should be placed here.

Note: The scripts added in that fields will be embedded during the public booking process From Step 1 until the confirmation page.

Custom Tag for Confirmation Messages – The codes added in this field will be printed only on the confirmation page (after the payment is approved). The following are variables that can be used in this field: ${reservation_id}, ${brand_name}, ${vehicle_class}, ${currency}, ${rack_rate}, ${total_price}, ${brand_email} and ${customer_country}.

After completing all the fields with correct tags, click ‘Save‘ at the bottom of the page.

Tracking User Progress

You can access the fields in Settings > Car Rental > Advanced > Online Reservations Customizations

Under the Advanced tab, scroll down and you will see Online Reservations Customizations section. You can choose which branch to set up by clicking the tab of the preferred branch before populating the fields.

You can use the fields Custom HTML Code for Step X, add the custom script needed to keep track of the progress of the user on every step. For example, you can use data layers to keep track of the progress.

For these fields, you can use this variable to keep track of the revenue of the booking: ${reservation_total}

If more variables are needed, you can request them over our support channel by clicking on the help icon.

After completing all the fields with correct tags, click ‘Save‘ at the bottom of the page.

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