3.36 Holidays & Blocked Days

To set up Holidays and Blocked days you must first prevent booking in closed hours. You can do so by navigating to Settings > Car Rental > Settings >Extra Features

Scroll down to the setting: “Prevent Bookings in Closed Locations Hours” and set it to Yes, then continue further down the page and select the Save button. You can read more in this article on how to set this up.

Now you can navigate to Settings > Car Rental > Blocked Days as shown in the image below.

There you can add information such as date, start and end times, as well as if it is a repeating event. Once you complete adding details for the blocked day you can use the “Preview” button to review, and then you can select “Save”.

NOTE: If you do not see the  “Blocked Days” module enabled, please create a support ticket by clicking the “?” in the upper right-hand corner on your screen.

Blocked days will take effect on public bookings. If you would like for blocked days to take effect on Calendar bookings, then please continue reading below.

Calendar Bookings & Blocked Days

If you want blocked days to also apply to bookings made from the calendar, then you must deny access control to your user roles to make bookings from the calendar on blocked days. You can set this up by navigating to Settings > User Management > Access Control

There under the section “Calendar”, you will find the control “Can book on blocked days”, set this as needed for each of your user roles. Please note that the Administrator role will always be able to make bookings on blocked days from the calendar.

Block Days per Vehicle

You can also schedule a Blocked Period for a particular vehicle. Navigate to Dashboard > under Fleet > Vehicles > select the vehicle that you want to set.

After selecting the vehicle, you can head to the Blocked Period tab and click the button at the upper right side of the screen.

Then, a window will pop up where you can set the Start Date, Start Time, End Date, and End Time. You can also add a description of the blocking and a particular color. After that, click on the “Save” button to keep the changes.

Once the blocked period is set, it will display on the main page of the Blocked Period tab of the vehicle.


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