3.39 How to Customize Mobile App Reservation List

This article will teach you how to customize the reservation list in the Mobile App. In default, the mobile app only displays Pickup and Return Date/Time. This feature will allow you to customize the information seen on the Reservation page of the mobile app.


To access this feature, go to Settings > Car Rental > Advanced > scroll down > Mobile App Settings. Here, you can customize the Mobile App’s reservation list by Branch. All branches will be displayed in this section, and you will be able to change them accordingly.

In each of the boxes you can add variables to customize the mobile app. The list of variables you can use is the same one used to customize the Rental Agreement (RA). For information on how to customize the RA you can go to this article. You can list each item you would like to display as shown in the image below.

After you have added each item you would like to display on the reservation list, scroll down and select the blue “Save” button. Once the settings are saved, the Mobile App will display as shown in the image below.

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