4.2 How To Import Vehicles by Bulk

There are two ways to add a vehicle to the system. The first way is to add them in one at a time. You can find how to do add each of them one at a time here. The second is to import vehicles by bulk which you can find how to do in these steps below. You can also watch the video below to gain a better understanding.

Where do I find the button to import vehicles?

You can find the button to download an excel template in the “Hamburger” icon on the top right of the screen, highlighted in orange.

Under the “Actions” tab, you will notice an “Import” button as seen in the picture below, highlighted in orange.

Once you have clicked the “Import” button, it will redirect you to a new page.

Step 1 – File Upload

Click on the blue “Download Template” button to download an excel template. The template will look something like this

You will notice that the excel sheets have several columns for you to fill up. The columns that you will have to fill up is the Vehicle Make, Branch, Vehicle Model, Vehicle Class, VIN, License Plate, and Vehicle Type. The mandatory column that you will have to fill up is Vehicle Class as it is important for your rates. You can learn more about vehicle classes here. You can hover your mouse over the small red triangle on the top right of each column to know more about the columns.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can upload vehicles for multiple branches at once. Using the Branch column in the excel file, make sure that you have indicated the correct branch that the vehicle should be assigned. Double-check the spelling before proceeding.

Once you have finished entering your vehicles into the Excel file, save the file.

Next, head back to the import page and click on the blue “Upload Template” button, highlighted in orange.

Step 2 – File Mapping

Once you have clicked the blue “Upload Template” button. The system will automatically match the column headers to the system fields.

Click on the blue “Import File” button at the bottom of the page to continue.

Step 3 – Validation

If you have keyed in the details of the vehicles to the template correctly, you will soon get an email sent to the address that is registered with the system.

From the email that is sent, you will need to click the View Import Summary. It will bring you to another page where you confirm the import.

Step 4 – Review

After this, you will receive another email after the data is successfully imported into the system and you can view your vehicles by clicking View Results

Now, you have successfully uploaded your new set of vehicles. You will be able to check the vehicles uploaded on your fleets tab on the left of your initial page.

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