4.5 Maintenance

This article is a step by step breakdown on all the maintenance alerts in the system. It will appear on this list when there is a maintenance that you have scheduled is nearing or has reached the date and time scheduled.

Where can I find this page?

This page is located under the Fleet category, highlighted in dark blue in the picture below.


Clicking on the scissors icon will skip the maintenance and clicking on the tool icon will create a repair order. To learn more about the repair order, click on this link here.

Maintenance Settings

You can navigate to Settings > under Fleets > Maintenance

There are 4 main tabs in Maintenance

  • General Settings
  • Maintenance Types
  • Repair Types
  • Damage Types

General Settings

This is the tab where you can configure the Repair Order and the Maintenance

Repair Orders

Enable Repair Order When Car is on Rent – In default, the system will not add a repair order to a vehicle that s on rent
Use Amounts in Repair Orders – The repair order has expenses recording system, you can disable it by ticking ‘No’ on this option
Repair Order Type for Maintenance – If selected when creating a repair order and selecting this repair type the system will update the last maintenance for the vehicle
Default Status – You can choose Pending, In Progress and Done


This is where you configure the logic that triggers the maintenance alerts.

Interval in Months for Regular Maintenance – This defines every how many months should the system gives you an alert for maintenance.
Enable Maintenance Based on Rented Days? – You can base the on rented days the system should give you a maintenance alert.
Days for Regular Maintenance – This is where you enter how many days shall a regular maintenance spend.
Distance for Regular Maintenance – This is a maintenance alert based on distance driven / odometer.
Disable Vehicle Maintenance –  You can disable the vehicle maintenance by using this.

Maintenance Alerts

This is where you configure what to send, which user, and where to send the maintenance alerts.

Users to Notify for Maintenance Alerts – This is where you can select which user to notify.
Send Maintenance Alerts Every X Days – This is the schedule to send maintenance alerts.
Email Subject – Title of the email.
Email Content – Body of the email.

Maintenance Types

This is the tab where you can add Maintenance Types. To know more about this, you can proceed to this link.

Repair Types

This is the tab where you can add Repair Types. To know more about this, you can proceed to this link.

Damage Types

This is the tab where you can add Damage Types as shown below.

If you have questions about the Maintenance module, please don’t hesitate to contact our support agents for guidance, using our webchat or creating a support ticket.

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