1.2 How to make a new reservation?

This article helps you understand how to make a new reservation and walks you through every step. The “New Reservation” button is located at the top right of the reservation page under the Car Rental category.

A completed reservation consists of NINE steps with an additional tenth step that allows an administrator to overwrite the calculations if that be required. The first 5 steps can be filled out by the customer on the car rental website, or it can be done internally by system users. Steps 6-8 are carried out when the customer picks up the vehicle. Depending on if you opt for online payments, step 6 can also be available on your website bookings. Finally, step 9 is carried out when the customer returns the vehicle.

Step 1 – Dates

This is the rental period. The calendar picker as shown in the picture helps the customer select the dates.


The time can be selected from a dropdown list as shown in the picture below.


Step 2 – Cars

When you first uploaded your fleet into the system, you created vehicle classes. These vehicle classes determine the different type of rates. This step will show all vehicle classes, as well as all the website information added in the system when customizing them.



Step 3 – Extras

This step showcases all the additional services your company provides, such as Child Seat or GPS. This step is also where a customer can select any additional insurance or coverage that you provide such as the Collision Damage Waiver. The customer can select more than one item in this step. Here customers can enter a discount code, or you can manually enter a discount.

new reservation


Step 4 – Customer

On this step users can enter new customer information, or search for a returning customer. Once a customer is created for the first time their details are saved in your contacts. This customer form can be customized to fit your needs, learn how to do here.



Step 5 – Confirm

On this step there’s an overview of the booking, and users can review what they have chosen over the last 4 steps. After reviewing the booking, users can choose to confirm the reservation or to create a quote.



Step 6 – Payments

Depending on how your company has set the payment gateways and the rules, this step helps to navigate payment either through cash or an online gateway that you have integrated. By default, the system will not allow you to give out a vehicle without a full payment. You can change this in the settings.



Step 7 – Pick Up

In this step, you will assign a vehicle to a rental. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Click the light blue “Assign Vehicle” button, highlighted in orange.
  2. Select a vehicle from the dropdown list, highlighted in light blue.

The “Recalculate rates on Late Pickup” is when you want the system to recalculate the rates if a customer picks up the vehicle late. The rates that the system will use is what you have input in the vehicle class.



Step 8 – Contract

This step automatically creates a rental agreement for your company that your customer can sign digitally. You can also add in additional terms and conditions to your rental agreement and change how you would like the rental agreement to look like in the settings.



Step 9 – Return

By default, the system will require you to key in the odometer value of the rented vehicle. You cannot proceed with closing the reservation unless the customer has paid in full.

The “Recalculate rates on early Return” is when you want the system to recalculate the rates if a customer returns the vehicle early. The rates that the system will use is what you have input in the vehicle class.


Step 10 – Changes

This is an additional step that is included to help you overwrite any fee changes that are needed to make adjustments. Only do this step if it is really necessary.



To learn how to cancel a reservation, click on this link here. For more information about deleting a reservation, click on this link here.


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