12.15 Noqoody Integration

This is a step by step breakdown on how to setup Noqoody for your online payments.

Step 1

Log in to you Noqoody account.

Step 2

Once you have logged in, click on the Settings button on the left menu, highlighted in orange in the picture below.

Step 3

Here from the settings on your dashboard You will see your “Project Code” key, which we will need in a later step. Please copy and save this code.

Step 4

Next, set up a new gateway in the system. You can do this by going to Settings > Payment Gateways > Gateways > Add Gateways > Asia > Noqoody.

Step 5

Fill in the necessary details which are Label, Supported Currencies, Default Currencies, Username, Password, Project Code (saved on step 3), Username and password (same as from step 1).

Make sure you set Test Mode to No. Finally, click on the blue “Save” button to apply the changes.

Step 6

If your company supports multiple currencies, you would need to complete this step, if not, skip to step 7.

Click back on the payment gateway you have just created. Next, navigate to the method tab, highlighted in orange in the picture below.

For every currency that you support, you would have to create a new payment method. Firstly, click the blue “Add” button on the top right of the page, highlighted in orange in the picture below.

Next, a new window will pop up, select the payment method, in this case, is Credit Card, and click the blue “Save” button, highlighted in orange in the picture below.

Lastly, a new row will appear, in the currency dropdown list, select the currency that you are supporting and click on the blue “Save” button, as shown in the image below.


Step 7

Next, you will need to select Noqoody as a supported payment gateway for your branch. To set this up, navigate to Settings > Car Rental > Online Charges tab (on top) and select the branch that you want to use the Noqoody integration with. Scroll down until you reach the Branch Settings sections and under Supported Payment Gateways select Noqoody.

To complete the setup, scroll down and select “Save” to apply the changes.

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