5.6 Online Booking Customization

This article will show you how to customize the online reservations public link.

Link for Online Reservations – Where can I find it?

You can find the link per branch by navigating to Settings > Fleet > Branches > Select a branch > Links as shown in the image below. For information on how to integrate the booking process on your website, please review the Website Integration category of the Knowledge Base.

Settings to Customize Online Reservations

To access this feature, navigate to Settings > Car Rental > Advanced > under Online Reservations Customization section

Split Pickup and Return box – This will split the Pickup and Return boxes as shown in the image below.



Summary Should Follow the Scroll – Enabling this will allow the Reservation Summary to follow the screen while scrolling.

Print Custom Tag for Confirmation Page at the End – This feature will enable printing custom tags for the confirmation page at the end.

Under Online Reservations Customization section you also have the option to add custom HTML code across the reservations workflow as listed below:

  • Custom HTML code for Steps 1-7
  • Confirmation Screen
  • Reservations Page
  • Reservations Item Page
  • Custom Header for Reservation Summary and Edit Reservation Screen
  • Custom Footer for Edit Reservation Screen
  • Custom Code for California Prop 65 and California Prop 65 (Message Modal)

Different fields are provided for these functions. After adding HTML, Header, Footers, and Codes scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Save’. Note that you can configure this per branch, select the branch before adding the code.

You can also set the time and location field as a drop-down instead of using a radio button. You can access this feature in Settings > Car Rental > under Default Values

You can also use Custom Styling (CSS) for the iFrame, to read more click here.

Display All Locations in Step 1 (Dates Step)

Basically, the system gives you the only available locations for the branch you selected. You can display all the locations available from all the branches. This feature can be enabled in Settings > Car Rental > Advanced > under Advanced > Display all Locations in Dates Step

Edit the ‘Privacy Policy’ link in Step 5 (Confirmation Step)

The system has a default phrase for the Privacy Policy link in Step 5 that says “By clicking here, I confirm that I accept the Privacy Policy.”

You can edit this phrase and attach the link to your Privacy Policy. Navigate to Settings > under Fleets > Branches > select the Branch > under Online Bookings

To attach the link highlight the word you want to attach the link and click the hyperlink icon as seen in the image below

Then a window will pop up where you can paste the URL / link to the field indicated below

After that click ‘OK’ and then scroll down then click ‘Save’ to apply the changes. Now, you have finally attached the correct link to your Privacy Policy.

Requiring Email or Phone number in Step 1

You can require the customers to input their email or phone number in Step 1. This way, you can get in touch with them if their reservation has been interrupted or unfinished.

To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Car Rental > under Reservation Attempts

For this feature to function, make sure that ‘Disable Reservation Attempts Option‘ is set to ‘No‘ then you can further configure this functionality.

Enable Email Saving Functionality – This feature will automatically save the email that is used for the booking in Step 1. It will automatically save once the booking proceeds to Step 2.
Email is Mandatory in Public Bookings in Step 1 – This will set the email as mandatory only in Public Bookings
Use Phone Number instead of Email in Step 1 – Instead of using the email field, this will replace it with the Phone Number.
Set Phone Number as Mandatory – This is the option to set the Phone Number as mandatory

Click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen for the changes to apply.

Once this feature is applied, you will see an ‘Email’ field in Step 1 of Public Booking link as seen in the image below

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