11.8 Request Contract Signature Online

This article is a step by step process on how to request an online signature of the renter via email. This feature uses a public link with access to the reservation where the renter can sign the contract.

Step 1

First, please note the public link used for this setup is /public/car-rental/reservations/step8?id=${reservation_uuid} – you need to add this link to your tenant link. (Note: Tenant link is your HQ rental login page) For example, your tenant link is https://sampletenant.hqrentals.asia/ adding the link should look like this: https://sampletenant.hqrentals.asia/public/car-rental/reservations/step8?id=${reservation_uuid}. This link will redirect the renter to Step 8 of the reservation process with very limited access.

Step 2

Create an email template from Settings > under Car Rental > Email Templates > Add Email Template

Step 3

The ‘Add Template’ window will appear where you can configure the email template.

Item Type – Select the Reservations Customer (Manual Trigger)

Label – You can put your own label for this email, please note this is not the subject of the email.

Branch – Select a branch to apply for a particular branch, or leave it blank for this to apply to all branches.

Vehicle Class – Select a vehicle class to apply for a particular vehicle class, or leave it blank for this to apply to all vehicle classes.

CC Emails – Enter an email address to send a copy of this email to.

Active – Activates or Deactivate this Email Template.

Subject – Email subject can be added here.

Content – Here you can personalize the content for this email. This is where you can paste the link to the signature page. For this example, “SIGN HERE” is text with the link attached. To do this, first, type “SIGN HERE” or any word you wish to use, highlight it and click the add link button highlighted in orange in the image below.

You can now add your personalized link that you generated in Step 1. Press “OK” to apply.

You have now successfully attached the link to the “SIGN HERE” word in the email. Click “Save” to finalize the configuration.

Send Online Signature Request

When you open a reservation there will be an “Email Template” button on the top right side of the screen. When you click it, a drop-down will appear and you can select “Request Online Signature” to trigger the email.

The email will look like this.

When a client clicks on “SIGN HERE”, they will be redirected to Step 8 of their booking, where they can add their online signature. The client can add signature in the yellow highlighted rectangle and click “Save Signature” to apply the changes.

After the contract is signed, the date and time will also be displayed as shown in the image below.

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