11.7 Return Receipt

This is a step by step breakdown on how to enable the Return Receipt and how to set it up. The receipt can also be used as a final invoice. There are two ways to set the receipt and it depends on whether you’re using the Rental Agreement Builder or not. To check if you are using the builder, navigate to Settings > Car Rental. Check if “Enable Rental Agreement Builder” is Yes or No as shown in the picture below.

Return Receipt


Rental Agreement Builder is YES

If the Rental Agreement Builder is “Yes”, you will also notice an additional menu option “Rental Agreement”. Navigate to Rental Agreement highlighted in dark blue in the picture below. Here, click “Yes” under “Enable Return Receipt?” highlighted in orange in the picture below.


Once you’ve done that, a new menu option will appear on the left called “Return Receipt” as shown in the picture below highlighted in dark blue.


There are two tabs in this module, they are Settings and Return Receipt.


In this tab, you can configure the settings for the receipt. This tab is also where you can add your terms and conditions either by text or by upload and contact information. You can also set what shows up if there are additional drivers and what details you would like to show for vehicles.

Return Receipt

This tab is where you design the look of the return receipt. You can follow this link here on how to add or remove items on your builder. To know what each item is you can follow this link here.


There are two buttons on the top right of the screen called “Download” and “Upload”. The “Download” button downloads a .JSON file that keeps the configuration of the receipt. Same goes with the Upload button. You can upload a .JSON configuration of how you would like the receipt to look like.


Rental Agreement Builder is NO

If the Rental Agreement Builder is “No”, on the Car Rental Settings page you will see a Rental Agreement tab, highlighted in orange in the picture below.

Next, navigate to that tab. In this tab, under “Enable Return Receipt” option, select “Yes” as shown in the picture below highlighted in orange. When you have done so, click the blue “Save” button located at the bottom of the page.


In doing so, you will notice a new tab that appears next to the “Rental Agreement” tab called “Invoice” highlighted in orange in the picture below.

Navigate to the “Invoice” tab. Here you can set all the settings for the Invoice as well as customize what will be added to the “Invoice”.  You can learn more about how to customize the Invoice here which basically is how you would customize the Rental Agreement as well.


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