3.7 How to Share Vehicles Between Locations?

This article is a breakdown on how to share vehicles between the different locations. In general, the system uses vehicle classes to manage the availability of vehicles. Each vehicle class is also tied to a company branch.  Therefore, in order to link your vehicles to one or more locations, you first need to create a company branch per location.

To learn more about a company branch, follow this link here.
To learn more about vehicle class, click on this link here.

Step 1

Firstly, create a company branch. To do so, navigate to Settings > Fleet > Branch and click on the blue “Add Branch” button highlighted in orange in the picture below. You can also follow the link about the company branch above. Name the company branch as your location.


Step 2

Next, create the vehicle class and tie it to the company branch (location) that you created in Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Car Rental > Vehicle Classes and click on the blue “Add Vehicle Class” button highlighted in orange in the picture below. You can follow the link about the vehicle class above. In this step, take note of the “Related Vehicle Class” field and select the class that it is related to.

When you create the new branch and vehicle class, you will have to do the rest of the items that the system requires to fully function. This includes SeasonsRates, and Locations which you can click on the respective articles to learn more about.

Step 3

In this next step, navigate to Settings > Fleet > Maintenance. Here, set “Enable Vehicle Location?”, “Enable Multiple Classes per Vehicle”, and “Vehicle Class can be Changed if the Vehicle Has Reservations?” to “Yes” as shown in the picture below. In doing so, this will allow you to change the vehicle class of a particular vehicle to that of a different one and keep track of which location it is currently at.


Step 4

Now when you add a new vehicle, either by importing or adding one by one, you will notice the additional “Current Location” as shown in the picture below.


This will help you to keep track at which Fleet Location this vehicle is currently located when selecting a vehicle for rental on Step 7 during the reservation process. An example, shown in the picture below.


You will also notice a field called “Secondary Vehicle Class” as shown in the picture below, highlighted in orange.


Now, whenever a particular vehicle is dropped off at a location, simply head to the vehicle and change the vehicle class to that of the vehicle class of the branch (location).

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