15.6 Email – Social Login

This article is a step by step breakdown on how you can enable Email login for returning customers to your company.


To make sure that it appears to your customers on your website. Enable the setting by heading to Settings > Car Rental > Car Rental > Enable Social Login > Yes like in the picture below.


Step 1

Go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/ and click on the blue “Admin Console” button on the top right of the page highlighted in orange in the picture below.

Next, sign in with your Gmail account. This account will be the account that handles the Google CAPTCHA.

Step 2

After you have signed in to your Gmail account, it will redirect you to a new page. Enter a label to identify the site and select reCAPTCHA v2. Under Domains, key in the HQ System URL. This will be something like:

  • your-company-name.caagcrm.com in the case of your server is located in America 1.
  • your-company-name.hqrentals.app in the case of your server is located in America 2.
  • your-company-name.hqrentals.eu if your server is located in Europe.
  • your-company-name.hqrentals.asia if your server is located in Asia.

Next, accept the reCAPTCHA terms of service and click on the blue “Register” button highlighted in orange in the picture below.


Step 3

After you have successfully registered your CAPTCHA, you will need to take note of the two keys. They are Site key and Secret key, highlighted in orange in the picture below.


Step 4

In the HQ system, navigate to the Settings highlighted in dark blue in the picture below.


Step 5

In the “Integrations” section, key in the two keys that we retrieved in Step 3. Site key is under Tenant Google Captcha API public key and Secret key under Tenant Google Captcha API private key highlighted in orange in the picture below.

Click on the blue “Save” button once you have finished.

Step 6

Navigate to Settings > Items > Integrations in the HQ System highlighted in dark blue in the picture below. Next, click on the blue “Add Integration” button highlighted in orange.


Step 7

Once you have clicked on the blue “Add Integration” button, a new page will appear. Here, select “Social Networks” as the provider type and “Email” as the provider. Make sure that the radio button is “Yes” under the “Active?” label. Once you have finished, click on the blue “Save” button highlighted in orange in the picture below to save the changes.


Step 8

For your customers to receive their username and password, head to Settings > Car Rental > Emails > Confirmation. Here, in your email confirmation template add in these two variables however you will like it to look.

You will need to use the conditional blocks [with_customer_password] and [/with_customer_password]. So this part of the email will only be displayed on the first email that the credentials will be included. See the sample below.

The first variable is for the username. This is the email address that the customer has used when entering their email for the first time. The variable is: ${email}

The next variable is for the password. This would be a randomly generated password. This variable is: {{customer_password}}


See your login credentials below
Username/Email: ${email}
Password: {{customer_password}}

Safari & Opera Browser

Due to an incompatibility with Safari and Opera browsers, the domain name of the iFrame has to be updated. You will need to add a CNAME record in your DNS records where the value is the name of your tenant. For example, if your link is my-company.caagcrm.com or my-company.hqrentals.app the value for the CNAME record has to be “my-company”, and the value needs to be your link for example my-company.caagcrm.com. Once you have created the CNAME record on your domain, you will receive an SSL error. Please create a support ticket inside the HQ application so our team can proceed with the installation.

You will also have to update the root domain on the settings from Gmail and the callback URLs so they match the domain update.


To learn how to enable other social logins, click on this link here.

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