4.25 How to Import Vehicle Expenses by Bulk

This article will show you the step by step process on how to import vehicle expenses in the system.

First, you will need to download the template from the system. On the main menu, navigate to Fleet > Vehicles, then at the upper right-hand corner of the screen access hamburger icon beside the blue “Add Vehicle” button, then under Actions click Import Expenses.

It will bring you to a new page where there is a blue “Download Template” button

Click on the button to download the excel file of the template. The file name is “import_template.xlsx“. The file should look like the image below.

Vehicle License Plate/Vin/Key – This will define which vehicle to add the expense. Use one from the Vehicle License Plate, VIN or Key. Entering both or all the keys will cause an error.

Expense Type – You can check the expenses type you already have in the system from Settings > under Fleet > Fleet Settings> Expenses Types Tab. By entering a type which is not in the list will automatically create a new Expense Type in the system.

Label – You can add the name of the expense.

Amount – Cost of the expense.

Date – Date when the expense applied. Please follow the date format set in your general settings, in this case “yyyy-mm-dd” was used.

Description – You can add a brief description here.

Once you have finished, you can save the file with the same file name and go back to the Import Expense page where you have downloaded the template. Now, you will click upload and select the file that you saved.

After that, you will be directed to Step 2 of the import process. Just click the blue “Import File” button.

Next, the imported file will be validated, and you will receive an email once the validation is completed.

In the email, click on “View Import Summary”.

You will then be redirected to Step 3 of the importation process where you will click the blue “Confirm Import” button.

Another confirmation page will appear and you shall receive an email once the upload is complete.

From the email, click on “View Results”

You will be redirected to the Vehicles database where you can check each of the vehicles you’ve added an expense. You can review them under the Expenses tab in the vehicle information as seen below.

The excel file uploaded for this example is shown below:

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