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Long Term Rentals & Leasing

Our system is easily adaptable to manage long term rentals.
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Payment Schedules

Send automatic payment reminders to your customers.

Customer Communication

Keep a record of all your customer information, including notes, files and emails.

Maintenance Scheduling

Send automatic alerts to the customer when the vehicle needs maintenance.

Automated Payment Requests

The main difference with long term rentals or leasing is that customers will be paying a monthly or weekly fee during the period of the rental or lease. The HQ system allows you to create a clear payment schedule which can then send an automatic payment reminder by email.

Depending on the payment gateway that you are working with it is also possible to setup ACH payment processing.

Customer Communication

With long term rentals our Customer Relationship solution becomes even more valuable. The HQ system allows you to build a comprehensive customer profile and manage all correspondence from one location.

You can keep track of contact history, documents and email correspondence within the application.

Maintenance Scheduling

The HQ system allows you to setup maintenance rules such as “every 5000 kilometers / miles” or “every 3 months”.

Seeing as the system asks you to update the odometer after every rental period, the system can send an automatic email when the vehicle reaches the maintenance threshold. The system can also keep track of all other vehicle paperwork such as road tax or insurance.

General Highlights

  • 24*7 dedicated support
  • Cloud based solution accessible from any device
  • Different user roles and access rights
  • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Security available
  • Data Import & Export

Getting Started

Once you signup for our trial we have created a Getting Started dashboard that will guide you through the setup process.

One of our account managers will be happy to help you customize the system to your requirements so please do not hesitate to ask for help through the online chat.