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About us

HQ Rental Software is a scale-up software company based out of Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean). We offer a SaaS solution for Car Rental Software: https://hqrentalsoftware.com

We also offer other Enterprise solutions https://caagsoftware.com/

Our Team

Our team works remotely from Curaçao, Venezuela and Kuala Lumpur. We currently have a team of 2 software developers, 1 website developer, 2 customer support, 1 director. This job would entail working as part of our team in order to further develop the product and company.

We work in a very structured manner using our own Project management solution. We make weekly sprints and add time estimates to all tasks in the sprint.


We need someone who is capable of understanding how the system works in a short time frame, can quickly analyze the already developed parts relevant to his/her new responsibilities and be able to get down to work as soon as possible.

We are looking for someone that communicates well and that likes to work as part of a team. We like to work with people that have a good attitude, are proactive, enjoy what they do, like to problem-solve, and are passionate about the latest programming standards.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Solid understanding of Object Oriented PHP 7+
  • Experience with Laravel (v5) Framework (more than 1 year)
  • Experience with application architecture and SOLID principles
  • Experience with building database systems, web applications or CMS
  • Experience using Git
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Experience writing and consuming RESTful APIs
  • Passion for software development, learning and growing your craft
  • Be able to work well with minimal guidance


We would prefer to work with someone close to our timezone (EST, GMT-4).

This is a by the hour position, but considering our increased workload, we may invite you to join as part / full time if we are satisfied with the work.

How to apply

Send cover letter + resume to info@hqrentalsoftware.com

Please answer the following questions when applying:
1. What past job have you done that is most like this one and how was it similar?
2. Why did you apply to this particular job?
3. Are you available to work now and how many hours a week can you commit?

Links to any of your work, GitHub account, and/or social media are appreciated.