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Online Reservations

Easy-to-use Reservation Flows can be added to your website in a matter of minutes

Real Time Availability

Automatically track the number of vehicles available within select periods by class or model

Seasonal Rates

Easily adjust prices across services for seasonal changes or insurance add-ons.

Fleet Management

Setup vehicle classes and manage information according to your needs.

Maintenance Plans

Schedule maintenance, create repair orders and keep track of costs and damage over time.


Easy to use management dashboards that allow you to keep track of key performance indicators.

Tour Operators

Allow resellers to login and create reservations, review commissions and more.

Business Protocols

Setup rules and protocols for cancellations, fuel charges, no-shows and other contingencies.

Instant Bookkeeping

Create efficient integrations with synchronized scripts that hook into your bookkeeping services.

Reservations list

This table shows all reservations that are registered in the system. The reservations are color-coded based on status. In addition you are able to create tabs for custom lists such as "today's pickups".

Reservation process

The user navigates through the reservation process that is divided into simple steps. The first 5 steps of the process can also be placed on your company's website to allow for online reservations. The remaining steps are part of the backend administration.

Customer history

The system keeps a history of all reservations that were made by a client. The system includes a complete Customer Relationship Management module.

Commissions Dashboard

The system allows you to keep track of different types of key performance indicators. In this dashboard the commissions statistics are displayed.

Rental Agreement

As part of the rental process, the system will generate a rental agreement. This template can be customized according to your company's brand and style.



We offer a free setup which covers the integration with your website, standard configurations and training. The price of the application is based on a monthly or yearly license fee that ensures support and updates.
$ 49.99
per month
$ 499.90
per year
  • Up to 20 vehicles
  • Online reservations
  • Fleet management
  • Basic reporting
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$ 99.99
per month
$ 999.90
per year
  • Up to 100 vehicles
  • All BASIC functionality
  • Tour operator login
  • Custom reporting
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$ 149.99
per month
$ 1499.90
per year
  • Up to 200 vehicles
  • All PRO functionality
  • Integrated bookkeeping
  • Custom integrations
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